A little about Danielle Muller

I am a warm and compassionate Sydney psychologist with 20-years experience based in St. George Private Hospital, Kogarah. I specialize in helping people resolve many of life’s challenges so that they can achieve a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I am experienced in dealing with a full range of psychological issues including stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, personal growth, work-problems, relationship issues, post-separation conflict and parenting issues, bereavement and loss, work-related stress, anger, reaction to illness or injury, weight issues or difficulty getting back in shape.

I have helped many people to develop better ways to cope, identify the factors that contribute to their distress and to deal effectively with the psychological, behavioral, interpersonal and situational causes. Ultimately the success of treatment depends on the “fit” between you and your therapist, on factors such as the type and severity of your problems, and your motivation to change.

I have expertise and experience in working with people from different cultural and religious backgrounds, irrespective of their gender, sexual orientations, or ethnicity. I work primarily with adults and couples, and with adolescents 17-19 years of age. I am able to provide counselling in French as well as English.

I am accredited with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) in partnership with the Psychology Board of Australia. I am a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS), the peak body of the profession nationwide. I am also accredited with the Victims Services to provide therapeutic support for victims of crime.

What I Love About Being a Psychologist

I love working with people who want to see change in their lives and are prepared to work to get it. Their courage and determination to overcome their personal struggles and challenges inspires me. It is a privilege to be part of this process and to watch people grow. Watching the transformation reminds me how resilient we are.

My Role as a Therapist

I believe that personal growth is a natural byproduct of the kind of pain that comes with life’s challenges. But it can be hard to face and manage those challenges alone. My role is not to tell you what’s right or wrong, what you should do, or what I think is best. I’m here to work collaboratively with you to figure out what you think would be best, the kind of meaningful life you would like, and then to help you get there.

Not Sure About Coming to Therapy?

One thing I consistently hear from people I see is how helpful and effective the process has been and how comfortable they feel talking to me. I suspect you might find the same thing! Try me . . .

Reaching out for information and assistance can help you live a healthier and more meaningful life.

Phone for an appointment to see me

KOGARAH 9587 3910