Have you made multiple attempts to lose weight, with little or no long-term success?
Do you feel frustrated, discouraged, or blame yourself for the lack of willpower?


Research shows that weight loss programs based purely on eating less and moving more, do not allow for the complexity of human biology and psychological and behavioural issues, and thus lead to repeated failures. Danielle is a registered Psychologist with wide experience, and a Member of the Australian Psychological Society,


If you want to lose weight and desire permanent change, Danielle may be able to help you.


There exists a strong belief that body weight is under ones personal control. People assume they know exactly what they should do – find a good weight loss program, adhere to it, and increase their activity level. Once they have lost the weight, they simply need to adopt a healthy lifestyle (eating and exercise), and the weight loss will be maintained.

In reality, this has been shown difficult to achieve.

Our body’s ability to resist and recover from weight loss is part of the problem of multiple failed long-term attempts by dieters.

The inherent problem with this simplistic weight loss approach is that it does not allow for the complexity of human biology, and psychological and behavioural issues.

Whatever diet you decide to try, you need to know the obstacles in front of you, and learn to identify and manage them. Your psychologist can help you achieve long-term and lasting changes.


Preparing for successful and lasting change

If you have made multiple attempts to lose weight, and keep it off, you may benefit from the help of a psychologist.

Research shows that a large proportion of dieters weigh more after dieting than they did at the start. Generally weight loss peaks at around 6 months, after which time weight gain begins. Whatever weight loss program people choose, maintaining the loss long-term is problematic.

Psychological & behavioural issues play significant roles in the development and maintenance of weight gain. Your psychologist can help you understand the mechanisms inherent in all of us that undermine repeated failure rates in weight loss efforts. They can help you identify and develop skills and strategies to address these issues.

Cognitive behavioural weight loss management

This program helps you remain disciplined and focused on your long-term weight loss management goal, and helps you make healthy changes that last. Therapists have used it for many years to treat a range of issues. Researchers have found that it also helps people make healthy changes.

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